This story is about a noob mod that banned alot of users and password guessed them.

"Zero was just a moderator, but started abusing his powers, so that's why I un-modded him. I decided to give him a last chance, but he still abused his moderator powers, so I un-modded him permanently.

I don't know much about him working together with PokemonBlack and so on, so from now on, if I say Zero, I mean Zero and his "friends".

Zero became really mad, and because of that he wanted to "ruin" 3DSPlaza. He started taking over some accounts (guessing their weak passwords), and then did a banning spree in Ryan21's account.

Most people here think he was a master hacker or something, or some kind of dark leader, but he was just a noob that failed epicly.

As soon as I heard of this, I IP-banned Zero and some of his "mates", unbanned everybody he banned (by checking the ban log), and after that, what maybe took me 5-10 minutes, we never heard anything from Zero again.

The only thing I heard about it was b0b, one of his "mates". He said he was so sorry and begged to be un-IP-Banned.


/sendhelp Edit

What's sendhelp anyway? /sendhelp: Send the smiley list to user targeted (/sendhelp ModernSonic) and it can also summon banned/quit users.

But the problem with this command is that when you send help to the targeted user, the targeted users say "/help" and when you /sendhelp the same person in a rapid succession Robdebot will ban/warn the user.

So anyway,

(Only Gold stars users could send help) We were having fun summoning Zero/Rgranger/Robdeprop, ...

But then a mysterious gold star user abused it to the user Sasuke. Then Sasuke got mad and banned somes user with /sendhelp (I think it was him ) Junaid banned sasuke. But Sasuke spammed with her alts. When she stopped everyone though it was "over" but then the mysterious gold star user continued to /sendhelp , He also sendhelped mods. Everyone was paniced, the mysterious gold star user's target was Doreee and a few other people (he also send helped me). I suggested to ban all the gold users online but nobody tried it due to having sendhelped mods. SomeLuigi came, deleted the /sendhelp command and unbanned the mods.

But sadly we still didn't found out the mysterious gold star user.

So here, I posted this for users that didn't know about the /sendhelp .

NOTE: Moderators can still use /sendhelp.

Credit to ModernSonic for this entry.