3DSPlaza as seen on the PC version

3DSPlaza (commonly abbreviated as 3DSP, 3DP, or Plaza) is an online community website created by Robdeprop in January 31, 2011. This website is home to 7415 members, with Diego currently the newest user (Updated Match 8th, 2015). The site has deleted many bots, alts and spam accounts, reducing the user count to a small amount of members.


3DSPlaza was conceived when Robdeprop had injured/broken his ankle during tennis. As a programmer, he created a website originally named "howtocureboredom" but was renamed "3DSPlaza" when the Nintendo 3DS was released worldwide in 2011.


3DSPlaza's navigation bar (as seen below the 3DSPlaza Banner) has Forums , Chatrooms , Links, a Newsfeed, and a very outdated page About the 3DS.


The Forums currently has 16 Categories and 20 Subcategories. Each category has a description listed at the top of the page when you enter the forums.

As of December 21, 2014, there are over 34,000 existing threads in each category and subcategory combined. The most active forum is "Miscellaneous", with over 12,000 threads to date. Because of the huge number of threads in this specific forum, Miscellaneous has already been completely reset once. This category is the only one to have undergone this.


The Chatrooms are where most users go to talk about things. The website simply began with one chatroom, Original, but soon acquired more as the site's popularity grew. There are currently eight chatrooms, included with a Roleplaying room and an experimental room, ROBOT9000-BLEEDING. At one point, there was an unlisted chatroom simply named Detention, and was only accessible if a moderator used a command to manually send users there. Users could only stay for a short period of time until the room automatically kicked them out.

When you enter the Chat page, there are a set of Rules you may want to read. These rules are enforced by Moderators, who have the ability to ban/warn rule breakers when they are acting up.


The Links page lists 3DS and/or DSi Compatible websites that you are allowed to register on. This page shows a small amount of websites that are compatible on their web browsers. Users have the ability to submit their own links at the cost of 100 3DSPoints.


The News page shows articles created by the Newsposters. The most recent newspost is usually found on the Home page, though you can also view these posts in the Forums.

There are two tabs located in the middle area of the News page, named News and Status. The Status tab allows users to post a small message, with the character limit at 250.

About the 3DS

This page gives you a tour of what the Nintendo 3DS is, what it's about, its features, and a montage video. This page is very old and outdated.*

  • Recently, Robdeprop stated that he (along with ModernSonic's help) will revamp and update the About the 3DS page.