What's a BBcode?

(Bulletin Board Code) are codes that format post on forums/boards. They can be used with [ ] tags.

To start a bb code, choose your tag [b]Hello World and end it with [/b] (By the way b= bold)

So [b]Hello World[/b] will be Hello World And [s]Hello Noobs[/s] will be Hello Noobs (s= strike)

What else BBcodes can do?

On 3DSPlaza, you can use the [style] tags for profiles, [img] tags for profile/forums.

Please, I need help on my profile can you give me all the codes?

  • Put a image

[img] *URL of the image* [/img]

  • Background Image

[style].content{background: url(* URL OF BACKGROUND* );border: none;}[/style]

  • Change Cursor image

[style]body, a:hover {cursor: url(*IMG URL*), progress !important;}[/style]

  • Spoiler

[spoiler]don't look at this[/spoiler]

  • Remove sig from your profile


  • Colors

[*color name*] Hello [/*color name] (Ex: [red]hello[/red] = hello )

  • Box

[rbox] Hello world[/rbox]

  • Detect device

[detect=pc] Big screen for you, eh? [/detect][detect=3ds] Lulz 3D! [/detect][detect=dsi] Mini screen *trollface* [/detect]

  • Link

[link=Click Here!][/link]

  • Center

[center] *content* [/center]*Highlight[hl]Lol[/hl]