! Generated by PM Conversations ! The people talking are the same person, in secret ! Story : So, I was jelly that Golem was dating, and created an account and pretending I met it on Home4DSi. I sent PMs to myself to give the impression we were dating. XD

In red: SomeLuigi, In Blue: KwlGirl67

KwlGirl67 says:
Subj: -

I can•Št be on too much! Sorry :| plz dont dump me :(.

SomeLuigi says:
Subj: RE: -

Why, I•Šd never dump YOU! :)!!!

KwlGirl67 says:
Subj: :3

I love you!!! And I added you to my friends List!(see my profile)

SomeLuigi says:
Subj: RE: :3

Thanks! I love you too!

KwlGirl67 says:
Subj: *-*

Lol that•Šs confidential! Be surprised lol and trick the others!

SomeLuigi says:
Subj: A PM Test (Secure)

¥³°³ßÀŒ”ˆß‹¶ß¸²°ßÞÞÞ²¯ßšŠœšŒßžßŒ–ßšš·ßÞ”° Rob cannot read!

KwlGirl67 says:
Subj: - Friend Request -

I wanna be on your friend list :D. (Sent by SomeLuigi•Šs Advanced Profile)

KwlGirl67 says:
Subj: SPM


SomeLuigi says:
Subj: ※♪」)(」)“

omw! cool!

SomeLuigi says:
Subj: RE: - Friend Request -


This is a system sent message,

Your friend request couldn•Št be accepted because the Advanced Profile has gone. View my ordinary profile to see why!

Kind Regards,
SomeLuigi•Šs Advanced Profile

KwlGirl67 says:
Subj: 001

So yea.. my names Conor so you can call me that...



Any questions?

SomeLuigi says:
Subj: RE: 001

a)Wat happenned?
b)any Qs?

KwlGirl67 says:
Subj: 002

a) I may have to split tht infdo up...

-Are you upset, and what smiley would you use?
-Would you rather have known or not?
-Am I an enemy coz I told you?


SomeLuigi says:
Subj: RE: 002

-;( times 1000000000000000... +

KwlGirl67 says:
Subj: RE: RE: 002

Ok, I think thats honest! Errghh....

Tell me about yourself...