The R9K-BLEEDING Chatroom, shown with CodyP2000 online in the chat.

ROBOT9000-BLEEDING (commonly abbreviated as R9K) is a 3DSPlaza experimental chatroom created by SomeLuigi. In this room, the suppposed ROBOT9000 has a strict ruleset, unlike the other chatrooms. When you scroll to the bottom of the Chat Rules page, you will see the ROBOT9000-BLEEDING chatroom, and under it will have the text "Caution: Harsh and bleeding-edge software. I advise you to check the rules and regulations before you make him mad."

About ROBOT9000Edit

This excerpt was taken directly from Oliver0Olive's forum post :

"The ROBOT9000-BLEEDING chatroom is a bleeding-edge implementation of ROBOT9000.

In other words, you are muted for saying something that has already been said in that room.

At first, you will be muted for only 3 seconds. But each time you violate ROBOT9000's harsh regulations, that time will be multiplied by 3 (and it's cumulative).

This is slightly less strict than the ROBOT9000 standard as normally the mute time begins at 2 seconds but is multiplied by 4 for every violation.

Every day, (if I set up the task in MySQL correctly, anyway), the time will be decayed and divided by 2 - so you will eventually recover should you accumulate a massive penalty due to many violations.

Bear in mind this is just a bleeding-edge experiment, and your mute status inside the ROBOT9000-BLEEDING room does not make you banned, etc elsewhere on the site."