Robdebot is an automated bot on 3DSPlaza created by Robdeprop in 2012. The bot originally had the purpose of being a Moderator with the ability to warn and ban users who acted up in the chatrooms, though with 3DSPlaza's chatrooms being upgraded to v3 in 2014, Robdebot's original purpose was no longer existent.

Features that exist in Robdebot

  • Robdebot is able to solve simple mathematical problems, specifically addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.
  • Robdebot is able to reply to other users, but isn't as intelligent as Cleverbot.
    • Robdebot will sometimes say "What the heck?" "I love SomeLuigiBot" "Yes" "So true!" and a few other things.

Features that no longer exist in Robdebot

  • Robdebot used to be able to act and perform like a Moderator.
  • Robdebot used to be able to have automated arguments with SomeLuigiBot.
  • Robdebot isn't as intelligent as it used to be. xD