Rob van den Berg (known as "Robdeprop" or "Rob-de-prop" on various websites) is the creator of the Nintendo 3DS fansite 3DSPlaza. In early development stages of 3DSPlaza, he was around 14 to 15 years of age when he was programming this website. Today, he is 18 years old. He is a big fan of the band Linkin Park, and he is also said to enjoy tennis.

List of websites he has createdEdit

Robdeprop has created the following websites, some in cooperation with SomeLuigi:

  • 3DSPlaza, a Nintendo 3DS fansite
  • Home4DSi, a Nintendo DSi fansite
  • Project Triniate, an attempt at a MMORPG for the 3DS Web Browser
  • Robdeblog
  • Team Redscript
  • SomeLuigi's Mansion

Project Triniate, SomeLuigi's Mansion, and RobdeBlog were deleted when the Robdeserver experienced a major crash in early 2014, resulting in lost progress of all websites hosted by the server. Luckily, 3DSPlaza only lost some of its data in the crash, and the website was quickly restored. Home4DSi was not affected in any way, because it was being hosted by GoDaddy at the time.