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Alright, so I know I'm not an admin or mod or anybody of extreme importance on 3DSPlaza, but I thought I'd post some tips/unspoken rules for the newbies.

Unspoken RulesEdit

Who here has gotten the crap beaten out of them over chat posts? You? And you? And you?

Want things to change? Of course. Here are some simple rules to follow so that you have a pleasant experience on your first few days at Plaza, as well as the rest of your stay. 

1. Never mess with the popular people. The popular people on the block have basically their own arsenal of fans who will mercilessly jeer at you until you leave if you act like an idiot to their idols. You can usually tell they're popular by the buttload of greetings they get when they enter the room.

2. Lay low on your first day. Look, face it. 3DP isn't the friendliest place on the 'Net, and you'll soon find that out when you enter the room. People can tell you're newtoday by the cyan square by your name- notice the veterans have dark blue squares? Ask to join an RP. Don't speak unless spoken to. You know.

3. If you don't use proper grammar, everybody thinks you're a noob. First day. u talk lik this? u dont no how to spel? Ha. The only crowd you'll get pushed into is the noob crowd.

4. Don't try to argue with Brainshock, one of the users. The wild and elusive Brainshock is commonly referred to as Ano. Just don't talk to this guy, okay? It'll save you a lot of trouble.

5. Perverts, stop trying to cybersext in plain sight. At least take it to whispers or PM or something. Seriously. It's gross.

6. The mods will NOT baby you. These mods were hand selected. They aren't going to spare you from a strike or ban even if you begged them or paid them 3DSPoints. Also, don't friggin' BEG to be mod. It's shallow, stupid, and annoying. 

That's all I can think of right now! Thanks, guys!